Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gacha Addicts


Hi...My name is Raven....her name is Vix...
                                                           and we are Gacha Addicts

Yes..It is true...we are the epitome of the gacha addicts. Serenity (Vix) and I have inventories that are over-flowing with spare gacha pieces! We have tons of new and old gacha pieces. Take a look at our marketplace stores and you just might find that long lost piece that you thought you would never get! Pretty much if it is Gorean, Medieval, fantasy, or heck if we can work it to make it work in the Gorean setting we have it!

We have hair, shoes, accessories, clothes, hats, skins, weapons, jewelry, collars, belts, tattoos, poses, if they put it in a gacha we probably have it! lol. Take a look, we have cheap commons, and the cheapest prices for rares you will find anywhere around! 

Let our addiction benefit you! Make sure to check back regularly because we are constantly adding new as we weed through our monster inventories of gacha goodies! Also follow our blog here, and I can pretty much guarantee you that if you find something that we are wearing that you like...odds are..at least one thing was a gacha item, and the odds are even better that we have extras up for sale on one of our marketplace stores!

Vix's Store  {S&T} Stuff & Things

Raven's Store   Raven's Gacha Goodies

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